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Darren Delaney is Wanderers Mens first team Captain and has been serving his time at midfield in recent years having pushed on from the half back line. Despite a near career ending injury three years ago, Darren is still one of the first at training and most consistent players in the team. Darren is well known for his light mannered approach to people dossing in training and has a reputation for never losing the plot in the middle of a drill with players!! :-) Good under a high ball and well able to carry it from full back line to full forward line, he sometimes gets caught out by Refs when he performs his helicopter arms style tackling, or "Crazy Arms Tackle" as the lads know it by, he still maintains that this is legal. Darren is a fully committed player and the type you want beside you in a battle.

Q1: Your Full Name: Darren Delaney

Q2: Your Wanderers Team: Mens 1st Team

Q3: Favourite Position: Mid Field

Q4: Your hero: Don't do heroes

Q5: Best moment playing for Wanderers: Beating BallyBoughal about three years ago, just two years after I broke my leg against the same team, that was a sweet win (since we where the only team to beat them in two years

Q6: Favourite Pitch: Frank Kelly & Clan Na Gaels Ringsend

Q7: Favourite training drill: Tackling drills,and shooting

Q8: Least favourite drill: doing any running without the football,Running is boring

Q9: Favourite Dublin player : Michael Darragh Macauley

Q10: Favourite Non-Dublin player: Daragh O Se

Q11: Laziest team mate in training: Lads that make excuses for not going training,that gets on my nerves! (List of players removed to protect them!)

Q12: Funniest thing you heard in a Dressing Room/on a pitch: Brendan Boyle Vs Man of War, "Ref I love football,don't send me off", the ref took pity and let him off,pure class

Q13: Best player you ever played with: Brendan Boyle,Eoin Lynagh Derek Downey

Q14: Where did you watch the 2011 All Ireland Final: Hill 16

Q15: Best football advice ever received : Don't stand in front of Big Gary when he is going at full speed for a high ball, it's sore.

 Thanks to Darren for his answers and we look forward to seeing him back at pre season training in December.


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